Visiting Us

The best way to learn about native plants is to visit us.

Allow plenty of time for your first visit. We have over 300 species of plants and if you are new to natives, you’ll need time to digest the information on all our signage.

There are two display areas with plants set out for for sale on tables, with detailed signage. One display area is for shade plants, one is for sun plants. You are also welcome to browse the other six acres of our nursery, including an American Chestnut Orchard and demonstration gardens. For a guided visit, please register for one of our Demonstration Garden Tours.

Wear comfortable foot wear. You will be walking on gravel and grass. We are an outdoor nursery. Most of our plants like sun, and we have lots of it! Bring a hat, sunglasses, wear sunscreen, and bring drinking water. (We do have a water cooler available, also.)

Please keep your pets at home. We have a few shady spots where you can park if you have a pet in the car.

Hours and Directions