Why Native Plants?

skipper on asterNative plants occurred in the region before settlement by Europeans, are uniquely adapted to the soil and climate of the area,  and play an important role in plant and animal communities.

If you would like to attract birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, or pollinators to your landscape, native plants are the way to go. These plants evolved with birds, butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinators and provide the habitat and food they need in your own backyard.

Native plants were living here long before we arrived with our fertilizers and pruners. Once established, they provide 4 seasons of carefree beauty if they are properly sited.

Many beneficial insects require native plants for their habitat – whether it be food or shelter.  Pollinating insects are essential to our own survival.  One-third of all the food we eat has been created with the help of a pollinator.  Insects themselves are essential to the ecosystem for all the services they provide, from decomposition to being food for predators.

There are native plants adapted to thrive in any condition from wet, soggy clay to dry, gravelly soil, and from hot sun to full shade. When well placed, once established they  do not require supplmental watering, fertilizer or pesticides.

Native plants provide four seasons of pleasure, with flowers in the spring, berries in the summer, brilliant colors in the fall and interesting bark and twig patterns in the winter.

You will find striking blossoms, beautiful fall color and winter architecture. And they also attract a non-stop show of visiting butterflies, birds and beneficial insects.


Plant a native plant today! It’s one little thing you can do to make a difference.