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August 13, 2016

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Shrubs for Small Native Gardens April 2016

Plants for Hummingbirds Spring 2016

Pollinator Friendly Gardening spring 2016

Five Foolproof Natives Summer 2016

Native Grasses Summer 2016

Downy Skullcap Summer 2016

Monarda punctata Summer 2016

Our take on ‘groundcovers’

Wild Pink

Sundrops and Carolina Lupine

Joe Pye Weed

Native Vines

ZigZag Goldenrod




It’s Time For Our Chat About Goldenrod

Atlantic White Cedar

Gro-Lo Sumac

Native Ferns

Hazel Alder

7 Fall Maintenance Tips

Maples and Yellowwood

Wild Pink

Barren Strawberry

Sorry We Can’t Put the Fragrance in This Email (Rosa Palustris)

Wild Petunia

When is a Grass Not a Grass (Blue Eyed Grass)

Fire Pink

Six Reasons to Plant Native

Pagoda Dogwood

Male and Female Plants


Carolina Elephantsfoot

Hearts a-Burstin

Swamp White Oak – Don’t Let The Name Fool You

American Beech (one photo)

If Its Good Enough for Prince Charles (Stumpery)

Three Easy Tasks for August (No Sweat Required)

Top Three Ways to Help Pollinators

Viburnum Leaf Beetle

Planting Near Streams and Wet Areas

A Few Words On Mulch

Four Native Grasses

Wet Lawn – No Problem

Planting under a Black Walnut

Mailbox Plantings